Creating new site

First go to an empty directory and run the following command.

$ ./shonku.bin -new_site

This will create the required files and directories for shonku to run.

Writing a new post

To write a new blog post do the following command.

$  ./shonku.bin -new
Enter the title of the post: Hello World
Your new post is ready at ./posts/

As the output shows your first blog post is ready. Make the changes as you want in that file.


Remember to keep a blank line at the end of each post or page.

Building your post

Just run the following command.

$  ./shonku.bin
{SITE AUTHOR SITE TITLE http://localhost/ Copyright 2014 yourdisqus author@email Description of the site URL for logo [{/pages/about-me.html About} {/categories/ Categories} {/archive.html Archive}]}
Building post: ./posts/

You can check the output directory for the finished blog post.

Force rebuild of the whole site

$ ./shonku.bin -force

The above command will rebuild the whole site. You may want to use this command when you make any change to your theme or configuration file.