Shonku works based on a JSON configuration file based on the primary directory. It is conf.json. Various values of the file is explained below.

  • “Author” - is the site author’s name.
  • “Title” - is the title of the blog.
  • “URL” - is the url of the blog. Remember to give the trailing slash in the url.
  • “Description” - long description of the site.
  • “Logo” - Url of the logo for the blog.
  • “Content_footer” - footer text
  • “Email” - Author’s email.
  • “Disqus” - your disqus name for dynamic comments.
  • “Links” - For the links in the header of each page.
  • “WithAMP” - If you have true for this, then it will try to build AMP post pages (you need output/posts/amp directory

for this to work.