Install golang

Download golang from here , extract go directory under your home directory.

$ mkdir ~/gocode

Now write the following lines in your ~/.bashrc file.

export PATH=$PATH:~/go/bin
export GOPATH=~/gocode/
export GOROOT=~/go/

and then

$ source ~/.bashrc

Install the dependencies

After golang installation, get the dependent libraries.

$ go get
$ go get
    $ go get

Get the latest Shonku code

Use git to clone the repository

$ git clone

Building the source

$ make

This should create a binary called shonku.bin.

Rebuilding bindata for default theme

In case you make any changes to the default theme, you want those changes inside the binary file also. For that issue the following command before building the binary.

$ go-bindata assets/... templates/


Remember to install go-bindata from here.